Optimizing Image Processing IP on Mali GPU

arm-guest-blog-1octSynthesis Corporation, a company originally born as a primarily hardware-oriented developer of custom image processing Intellectual Property has been aware of the trend toward GPU compute on embedded platforms and have been working in collaboration with ARM to port and optimize their image processing algorithms to the Mali-T600 series of GPUs.  As a first step, they decided to port their proprietary Super-resolution (up-scaling) and adaptive luminance/dynamic range enhancement algorithms, both of which have seen a number of design-wins in FPGA and ASIC-based products for industrial and consumer applications, but turned out to be too computationally expensive for customers who wanted an embedded software-based solution. In their guest blog for ARM, they present an overview of these two GPU-based solutions and report the performance benefits achieved through optimizing these for Mali-T600 GPU Compute.

As an example, A GPU-optimized version of the HDR software has been implemented in OpenCL, for the InSignal Arndale development board (which features the same Samsung Exynos 5 Dual SOC which powers the Google Nexus 10 tablet). “The current version of the software is capable of processing VGA video at 30fps, and we expect to further improve performance on future versions. By incorporating some algorithmic and coding optimizations for the Mali-T600 architecture, we achieved a 16x performance improvement from where we started, as it can be seen in the chart below.” stated Roberto Y. Omaki, Senior Manager, Planning Department, Synthesis Corporation

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