WebCL Update from Samsung

webcl-linuxconThe Khronos WebCL Working Group chair, Tasneem Brutch of Samsung Electronics gave the following presentation on “Enabling OpenCL Acceleration of
Web Applications
” at LinuxCon in New Orleans on 17th September.  The presentation provides a detailed look at the status of WebCL and the roadmap going forward.  It includes a Big Data Visualisation use case example from the UC Berkeley Parallel Computing Lab and includes details on the efforts being made to address the security … concerns of enabling Web Computing Languages within the browser.

In summary the presentation re-iterates that; WebCL is a JavaScript binding to OpenCL, allowing web applications to leverage heterogeneous computing resources, that WebCL enables significant acceleration of compute-intensive web applications and finally that the WebCL API is designed for security.

WebCL 1.0 Status

  • Working Draft released since Apr. 2012.
  • Working Draft Publicly available at www.khronos.org/webcl
  • WebCL1.0 specification release expected: 1H, 2014
  • Non-Khronos members can engage via: public_webcl@khronos.org

Topics Covered In the Slides Include:

  • WebCL tutorial, demos and coding examples
  • WebCL use case: Big Data Visualization (presentation and demo)
  • WebCL open API standardization: Status and roadmap
  • Security requirements and provisions & WebCL Kernel Validator
  • OpenCL to WebCL translator utility

Download or View the Slides

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