GPU Search for Oil and Gas

acceleware_rtmAs oil, gas and other mineral exploration moves into more challenging geologies, Reverse Time Migration (RTM) provides an advanced pre-stack depth migration technique that can be used to both image and model the subsurface of complex geologies helping to minimize the financial and environmental risks in the quest for new reserves.

In an attempt to get more customers involved in evaluating and using this leading edge RTM technique Acceleware, Paradigm, NVIDIA and TSA have collaborated to offer a bundled discount of 25% on RTM software, both for Paradigm Echos RTM and Acceleware AxRTMTM library,  40% on an NVIDIA and HP bundle including a TESLA K20 starter kit and TSA offering discounted integration services and a free data test drive on one of its GPU clusters.

“The collaboration has been designed to provide companies with the chance to try the technology and give them a break on the set up costs,” said Geoff Clark, Chief Executive Officer at Acceleware.

“GPU accelerators help produce superior subsurface images that lead to better drilling decisions, at a rate of 4 to 6 times more throughput and with better energy efficiency than conventional CPU-based clusters,” said Paul Holzhauer, Director of Oil and Gas at NVIDIA. “We’re working with Acceleware, Paradigm and TSA to help oil and gas customers take full advantage of the benefits of GPU-accelerated RTM processing.”

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Image data courtesy of BP.

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