WYSIWYG – or is it? GPU FP Accuracy

youiThe team at YOUi Labs recently looked at the way different mobile GPU’s handle floating point calculations within the context of OpenGL shaders, something that is perhaps useful to cover here due to its cross over with OpenCL.

The results from the benchmark they created certainly show that implementation differences exist, but the follow-up comments to the initial posting just highlight how complex things can get when doing comparisons, as well as highlighting some of the subtle differences between OpenGL and OpenCL.

Neil from Khronos makes the point that OpenCL defines strict Numerical Compliance, that essentially mirrors IEEE 754. See section 7. of the OpenCL specification.

Certainly a very useful piece of work, with the subsequent discussion containing many a nugget of information.

YOUi Labs’ Intelligent Software Graphics Processor Unit, or “isGPU”, is an OS-independent set of graphics libraries that have been through hardware optimisation on various platforms to make 2D and 3D graphics faster and more responsive.

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