Altera Opens up OpenCL SDK

Altera Release OpenCL SDKWith the clear emphasis on appealing to “Software Programmers”, Altera recently announced broad availability of its SDK for OpenCL and approved third-party production boards. The SDK is aimed at allowing software programmers to take their OpenCL code and exploit the massively parallelism of Altera’s FPGA to deliver increased system performance in highly data-parallel computing applications, such as those in financial, military, broadcast and medical markets.

In conjunction with the general release of the SDK, Altera have rolled out their Preferred Board Partner Program, which should provide reassurance to customers that the standard SDK will run and be supported on these approved 3rd party boards.  Initial board partners include BittWare, Nallatech and PLDA, with additional board partners said to be in the works.

“Leveraging the latest hardware technology from Altera, which now includes an SDK for OpenCL, we are able to dramatically reduce the complexity for applications in the computing, financial and military markets.”  said Darren Taylor, senior vice president of sales and marketing at BittWare.

“Customers developing high-performance computing applications using Altera’s SDK for OpenCL will benefit from a dramatic increase in performance per watt, per dollar over traditional computing architectures.” Allan Cantle, president and founder of Nallatech

“The SDK for OpenCL will open up a significantly broader group of software developers who can now fully leverage Altera’s leading-edge solutions.” said Stephane Hauradou, vice president and CTO of PLDA.

Pricing and Availability
The Altera SDK for OpenCL is currently available from Altera’s website with the annual software subscription for the SDK coming in at $995 for a node-locked PC license.

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